Starling Watch Steampunk Accessories

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The STARLING Watch collection is set of six, limited edition, quartz-driven handcrafted steampunk pocket watches. A cultural phenomenon, steampunk is a fast rising new trend, with its own fashion style made to suit the individual, inspired by the Victorian era and science fiction fantasy. If you’re aiming to pull-off the look, nothing makes more sense, or is more complementary to your outfit, than a steampunk pocket watch. Each STARLING Watch displays 67-million color combinations with the Chillovean lighting system built in, and comes in a beautiful cast-resin box, handcrafted by Disney Imagineer, Terri Hardin.

The STARLING Watch experience also includes a story of steampunk romance, adventure and time travel via the STARLING novella! Discover the hidden powers that lie beneath each pocket watch, and follow along with Jeff and Allisandra as they fall in love and embark on a quest to collect all six pocket watches in an effort to possess their powers.

STARLING Watches are now available for a limited time for $49 plus free shipping to anywhere in North America!




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